Spatial+Visual Design Gallery


An exploration of relationships and boundaries between architecture and typography. Through complex research and design experimentation I challenged myself to create a sculptural representation of my findings. The concertina contains two quotes by professionals from each field which are juxtaposed on different sides and yet shown to be related.





Public artwork

with wayfinding function

I proposed a public artwork that could fulfil a wayfinding purpose in addition of being a piece of art. The aim of this project was to express an understanding that today’s users of public space are looking for a high quality experience, not only in terms of digital technology. The scope of the project involved creating a concept, simulative visuals and explanatory copy, as well as an overall multi-page layout and design.


Dmexco 2015



A 247m2 exhibition stand for Adobe Systems at Dmexco 2015 in Cologne, Germany, developed with Taylor Bennett Partners. I contributed the concept of a kinetic light sculpture which was then commissioned by Taylor Bennett Partners and installed to create a dynamic, constantly changing environment. 400 LED balls hung from the rigging, each controlled by an individual motor that enabled them to move independently or in sequence.



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