A student brief was to create a gallery that would exploit the greenery within the vicinity of the proposed site and commemorate the renowned Lithuanian-born painter K. Žoromskis (1913–2004). Each floor layout was designed to give an impression of overlap, inspired by the style and artistic approach of the painter. Also, ‘overlap’ as a concept would represent how in public buildings community/society, culture and history also overlap. By contrast with the flexible interior space the exterior is solid and monolithic. For the main facade, which faces greenery, I proposed a ‘monolith’ glass wall, creating a double-size impression of the greenery due to the reflective properties of the material. And from inside the building this gives the feeling of being on the edge of the outside.

Art gallery

and conference centre


School for children with special needs


This was another academic project that presented a different scale of design requirements, limitations and opportunities. Quality space for children’s education and play can easily be overpowered by functionality. I strived to create an environment that is functional yet enjoyable and fun. By including an inner school courtyard landscape and outside seating furniture, I was able to exercise those ideas and show how they could complement the architecture.

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Various spatial and architectu-

ral composition


Examples of architectural and some abstract spatial composition models. These explore aspects of design relating to tectonics, massing, pattern, scale and proportion, volume, rhythm and metre. Physical modelling is a method I may incorporate into the design process – yes, even in addition to the use of 3D modelling software.



Spatial Design Gallery